Bag in Box Adapter for Water Dispenser


Introducing the Bag-to-Box Adapter, a convenient and eco-friendly solution for your water dispenser. This adapter easily attaches to your water dispenser and allows you to use bag-in-box liquid containers instead of traditional plastic bottles. It’s a great way to reduce your environmental impact while saving money on beverage costs.

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Bag in Box Adapter for Water Dispenser

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Our Bag-in-Box Adapter is the perfect solution for your water dispenser. This innovative adapter is designed to be placed above your water dispenser, where traditional water bottles would normally go. This allows you to easily switch to more sustainable bag-in-box options, which are not only better for the environment but also more cost-effective in the long run.

Bag-in-box liquids come in large bags, with a valve that dispenses the liquid, meaning less packaging and less waste. This also means that you can save money on purchasing more water in larger quantities.

This adapter is easy to install and use, and it is compatible with most standard water dispensers. It is made with durable materials, ensuring that it will withstand frequent use and provide a reliable performance.

By using our Bag-in-Box Adapter, you can reduce your environmental footprint and save money on water expenses. So, make the switch to more sustainable options with our Bag-in-Box Adapter.

Additional benefits

  • Hygiene: One-way packaging for perfect compliance with hygienic requirements. No bisphenol A, no air penetration while dispensing (bag film collapses during pouring) limiting contamination risk. No risk of bacterial and algae growth.
  • Sustainability: Less trucks,less water consumption, less packaging. No use of chemicals for washing bottles. Reduction of plastic raw material sourcing (around 120g of plastic per 20L bag). Packaging waste reduction.
  • Logistics and supply chain savings: Space efficiency – empty bottles no longer need to be stored. Reduction of costs (no cleaning costs, savings in transport – empty packaging delivered flat, full packaging enables more liters transported/truck, no empty bottles transport).

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