Alkine In-line Filter Eiger 10″ x 2″


The Eiger Alkaline In-line Filter is a high-performance water filter that raises the pH level and adds essential minerals like calcium, magnesium, sodium, and potassium to your water. It can be installed in reverse osmosis systems, coffee makers, and other appliances to improve the taste and quality of the water.

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Alkine In-line Filter Eiger 10″ x 2″

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The Eiger Alkaline In-line Filter is a water filtration solution that can enhance the quality and taste of your water by increasing the pH level and adding essential minerals to it. Alkaline water has a higher pH level than regular tap water, and it can neutralize acid in your bloodstream, boost your metabolism, and help your body absorb nutrients more effectively. Alkaline water can help prevent diseases and slow the aging process, as well as help slow bone loss.

This filter is equipped with various types of ceramic balls and coconut shell charcoal media that are capable of increasing the pH value after reverse osmosis (RO) systems up to 8.5-9.5 and reducing the ORP value up to -150mV ~ -300mV. This helps to improve the odor and taste of the water. The Eiger Alkaline filter replaces lost minerals such as ionized calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium ion from the RO process and restores these minerals back into the pure water. Typically it is installed with RO systems to complement their absolute filtration quality.

The Eiger Alkaline water filter is easy to install, it can be placed in-line with any drinking water system, appliances and point of use reverse osmosis systems. It’s also compatible with under the sink and under the counter RO systems, residential RO pre-treatment and post-treatment, and coffee.

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Water filter type

The use of In-line filter

An in-line filter is a type of water filter that is installed in the water line and connected directly to the water source, rather than being installed at a specific appliance or faucet. This type of filter is used to treat the water that is supplied to an entire home or building, rather than just a single point of use. In-line filters are often used in conjunction with other types of water treatment systems, such as reverse osmosis or water softeners, to remove a wide range of contaminants from the water supply.

In-line filters come in many different designs and are used for a variety of applications. They can be used to remove sediment, chlorine, chloramines, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), lead, cysts, and other contaminants from the water. Some in-line filters are also designed to improve the taste and odor of water by removing unpleasant-tasting or smelling substances. They can be installed in homes, apartments, restaurants, and other commercial facilities, to provide clean and safe drinking water.

Inline filters are efficient and easy to install, they are a perfect solution for those who want to improve the taste and quality of their water, without the need of making changes at the point of use such as at a faucet or a shower head, it also good to use it before point of use filters such as reverse osmosis system or UV Sterilizers, this will allow the POE system to function more efficiently and prolongs its life.


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