Eiger Inox Countertop Faucet Water Filter System 5 Stages – 0.5μm


New – all stainless steel upper bench water filtration device with replacement filter 5-stage filtration & enrichment 0.5μm. Compatible with most taps.

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This item: Eiger Inox Countertop Faucet Water Filter System 5 Stages - 0.5μm
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Eiger Inox Countertop Faucet Water Filter System 5 Stages - 0.5μm 106.50$
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Eiger Inox Countertop Faucet Water Filter System 5 Stages – 0.5μm

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Introducing the new Eiger water filtration device with a new upgraded design made entirely of surgical grade steel for maximum long term performance without rust and damage to the inside from small water particles. It features an excellent stainless steel swivel faucet and a flexible hose for connection to your faucet. The filter system comes with a diverter valve that allows you to switch between filtered and direct water from the tap. The filter is designed to fit most faucets and an optional adapter is available for most other types of faucets.

The filter system is easy to install and requires no electricity, making it a convenient choice for any home or office.

Filtration technology

The new Eiger water filter uses five (5) stages of 0.5μm state-of-the-art filtration technology for maximum filtration effect even in areas with high water quality problems.

The filtration stages are detailed:

  1. Non-woven fabric for initial sediment & particle retention.
  2. Vegetable activated carbon from coconut shell for retention of chlorine and other chemicals.
  3. KDF (kinetic degradation flux).
  4. Filter media for mineralization (enrichment).
  5. Polypropylene membrane.

What the product includes

Filter shell, 5-stage water filter, stainless steel filter base, tap, diverter valve, wrench, adapters.

Filtering result

  • Redox reaction: Conversion of harmful pollutants into less harmful substances.
  • Removal of pollutants found in water, including heavy metals such as lead, mercury and cadmium.
  • Prevention of bacteria and algae: Has antimicrobial properties that inhibit the growth of bacteria, algae and fungi in water.
  • pH balance: balancing the pH of water by neutralizing to some extent its acidic or alkaline properties.
  • Enrichment: calcium, magnesium and potassium – these minerals are important for maintaining good health.
  • Flavor enhancement: more palatable compared to water that has undergone extensive filtration processes, which can remove natural minerals and flavors.
  • Health benefits: Calcium and magnesium are essential minerals for the human body

In short, the new upgraded filter removes sediments such as soil, silt, rust, etc., removes non-nutritive heavy metals, removes chlorine, improves taste and odor, removes bacteria and microorganisms.

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